Cold beverages

Cold beverages

Coca–cola / zero    0.20l      5,00
Fanta                        0,20l      5,00                                                
Sprite                       0,20l      5,00
Kinley                       0,20l      5,00
Kropka Beskidu mineral water               0,33l      5,50
Nestea Iced Tea                      0,25l     6,00
Burn                         0,25l     9,00
Jug of water     1l.     12,00
Jug of water     1l.     15,00

Juices (0,20l)

Fresh juices                    9,00                                                        
Orange            CAPPY     5,00
Grapefruit        CAPPY     5,00
Apple              CAPPY     5,00
Blackcurrant    CAPPY     5,00
Tomato           CAPPY     5,00

All informations are subject to change.
The current pricing and offers are available at the venue.