Hot drinks

Hot beverages

Sir William's Tea 6,00

Rich Mont Tea 9,00

Espresso 6,00

Double Espresso 11,00

Americano extended espresso 7,00

Cappucino 8,00 XL double espresso 11,00

Coffee (hot and cold)

Espresso Macchiato - espresso, milk foam Mocachino - espresso, Wedel chocolate
Latte espresso, steamed milk
Goloso – Latte with chosen syrup and whipped cream 9,00 Granola – Latte with honey, coconut and whipped cream 9,00 Shekerato -espresso, cane sugar, milk, crushed ice 8,00 Ice Coffee espresso, ice cream, milk, whipped cream


Syrups: Irish cream, chocolate, vanilla, walnut, coconut, mint

All informations are subject to change.
The current pricing and offers are available at the venue.