• nutritious & tasteful
    nutritious & tasteful

Main course


Homemade Dumplings (50% vege) 16,00

Baked recommended, served with salads and greaves Dumplings' fillings: "Russian" (with potatoes and cottage cheese),meat, spinach, sauerkraut and mushrooms, blood sausage, potatoes, lentil.


Caprese Chicken 23,00

Chicken breast roasted with mozzarella and tomatoes, fries, salads

Chicken with Spinach 24,00

Chicken breast with spinach and cheese sauce, fries, salads

Gnocchi con funghi 24,00

Gnocchi, pork sirloin, boletuses, truffle oil, parmesan cheese

Meetballs with boar 28,00

Meetballs with boar, mushrooms, plums, potato cake, salads

Pig in tomatoes 27,00

Pork tenderloin, tomatoes, mushrooms, whole wheat dumplings, sour cream, salads

Pork Highlander Sirloins 27,00

Pork sirloins, highlander sauce, cranberry sauce, potato pancakes, salads

BBQ Ribs 25,00

Ribs, sauce BBQ, roasted potatoes, pickled cucumber

Bavarian Pork Knuckle 100g 4,20

Roasted pork knuckle, sauces, hot rolls, pickled cucumber

Roasted Duck 32,00

Half a duck, apples, cherries, roasted potatoes, beetroot

Farmer's Steak (200g) 39,00

Grilled beef sirloin, bean, onion, parsley, becon, tomatoes, roasted potatoe, tzatziki

Eva is cooking 59,00

You are cooking on your own – beef, duck breast, pork sirloins, gnocchi, whole wheat dumplings, vegetables, mozzarella


Roasted Salmon with homemade pesto 25,00

Roasted salmon, pesto, potato purée with green pea , mixed lettuce with vegetables and vinaigrette

Sea Bream with vegetables 28,00

Sea bream, roasted potatoes, salads

Help me Friends!!! (serves 2-3) 49,00

Selection of our finest meats: BBQ Ribs, Bavarian Pork Knuckle, Grilled Chicken Brest, Roasted sausage, Plums wrapped in bacon; Sauces, roasted potatoes, fries, salads


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