• fresh tomato cream soup
    fresh tomato cream soup


Soup of the day (from Monday till Friday) 6,00

Ask waitress

Cold Borscht (vege) 8,00

Traditional recipe

Broth with dumplings 12,00

Cooked from rabbit, served with six homemade dumplings with meat or noodles with pancake

Beetroot Soup with Raviolis 9,00

Cooked from fresh beetroots, served with six home-made Polish style raviolis stuffed with meat

Chief’s Special (vege) 8,00

Cream soup of fresh tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, croutonz

Polish Sour Soup

served in a bowl 8,00

served in a bread loaf 12,00

Traditional Polish sour soup served with egg and sausage


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